Testing Equipments

In house we can perform Hydraulic tests, Pneumatic tests, High Pressure Gas tests, Low Temperature tests, Cryogenic Tests, Fugitive Emission tests, Torque Tests, Cavity Relief tests, DPE/DBB tests. In addition we can perform the following non destructive tests: PMI, MPI , UTand DPT. Other tests can be performed using independent laboratories.

Our testing equipments comprise:

  • Horizontal test bench 400TON 1200 BAR
  • Horizontal test bench 1400TON 700 BAR
  • Vertical test bench 50TON 700 BAR : We are able to hydrostatic test our valve up to class 4500 and API 10000.
  • Vertical three heads test bench 60TON 700 BAR : With the new automatic test bench we can test simultaneously 3 valves class 2500, saving lot of time during internal tests and witnessed inspection.
  • High pressure gas station with booster : Separate high pressure gas station with booster up to 700 bar suitable for all test units.
  • Cryogenic tank and various equipment for test at 196°C with liquid Nitrogen
  • Helium Mass Spectrometer for leak detection