ENERGY VALVES Srl a Socio Unico
Via Repubblica, 17
23841 Annone di Brianza (LC) - ITALY
Phone: +39 0341 260384
Tel: +353 2148 48900

ProMetal A/S 
Industrivej 3A, DK-5500 Middelfart
Tlf.: 7027 2222 Fax.: 7027 2231
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About Us

Energy Valves was established in 2007, the company was founded on the belief of it’s Engineers, who with over 30 years experience in the design and construction of Industrial Valves...

Latest News

  • New building

    In May 2014 Energy Valves changes location.
  • high pressure gas station with booster

    Separate high pressure gas station with booster up to 700 bar o suitable for all test units.
  • Three heads test bench

    With the new, automatic test bench we can test simultaneously 3 valves class 2500, saving lot of time during internal tests and witnessed inspection


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